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Advantages and disadvantages of three polishing methods for stainless steel belts

source:Jiangsu Lichao New Material Technology Co., Ltd.  |  Release time:2022年07月25日
  There are three commonly used polishing methods for stainless steel strips: mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, and electrochemical polishing, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  1. Mechanical polishing.
  The advantage is that the leveling of the parts after processing is good, and the brightness is high. The disadvantage is that the labor intensity is high, the pollution is serious, and the complex parts cannot be processed, and the luster cannot be consistent, the luster does not last for a long time, and it becomes dull and rusted. Compare suitable processing simple pieces, medium and small commodities.

  2. Chemical polishing.
  Its advantages are that the investment in processing equipment is less, the messy parts can be thrown away, the speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the corrosion resistance is good. The disadvantage is that the brightness is poor, there is gas overflow, ventilation equipment is required, and heating is difficult. It is suitable for processing small batches of messy parts and small parts with low brightness requirements.

  3. The advantages of electrochemical polishing
  are long-lasting mirror gloss, stable process, less pollution, low cost and good corrosion resistance. The disadvantages are high anti-pollution property, large one-time investment in processing equipment, tooling and auxiliary electrodes for complex parts, and cooling equipment for mass production. It is suitable for mass production, mainly used in high-grade commodities, export commodities, and public service commodities. Its processing technology is stable and the operation is simple.
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