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What is the difference between cold rolling and hot rolling of stainless steel

source:Jiangsu Lichao New Material Technology Co., Ltd.  |  Release time:2022年07月25日
  1. Different production processes

  Stainless steel hot rolling is rolled above the recrystallization temperature of the metal material, and stainless steel cold rolling is rolled below the recrystallization temperature of the metal material, and each metal material has its own recrystallization temperature. crystallization temperature.

  If the above expression is not easy to understand, another way of saying it is: hot rolling means that the material needs to be heated during or before rolling, generally to a temperature above the recrystallization temperature, such as above 1000 degrees; cold rolling means that the rolling process does not require The material is heated, or heated to below the recrystallization temperature of the material. Cold rolling is mostly hot rolling in the stainless steel processing process, and it is formed by rolling hot rolled materials as billets with a cold rolling mill.

  Second, the finished product performance is different

  The obvious and simple difference between the two is the surface difference.

  Hot-rolled stainless steel is relatively rough, such as hot-rolled sheet, the rolling thickness is mostly 3.0mm and above. Compared with cold-rolled products, hot-rolled products often have low dimensional accuracy, and the surface quality is relatively poor compared to cold-rolled products. For example, heat treatment is not as good as cold rolling.

  Stainless steel cold-rolling is formed by cold-rolling hot rolling as raw material. Generally, cold-rolled sheets have higher dimensional accuracy, better surface quality, and excellent post-processing performance. The thickness range is basically below 5.0mm. The common thickness range is 0.05mm~3.0mm, although there are also outside the range, but it is rare.
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