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Ultra-thin, ultra-hard, high-elastic precision belt

● Lichao precision strip is rolled by Sendzimir 20-high precision rolling mill. It has the advantages of ultra-thin, ultra-hard, high elasticity and fatigue resistance.

● Thickness: 0.02-0.6 mm Width: 1 mm - 600 mm

● Hardness: to 600 HV

● Tensile strength: to 2100 N/mm²

Electronic Products

● Electronic products are rolled by Sendzimir 20-high precision mill

● The products cover 200, 300, and 400 series, with the advantages of uniform thickness, hardness, good shape and strong corrosion resistance.

● Products are used in mobile phone parts, computer peripheral accessories, printer carbon brush scrapers, etc.

Surface treatment of home appliances, architectural decoration, elevators, etc.

● The products cover 300 series, 400 series and 200 series, which are mostly used in household appliances, architectural decoration, elevators, equipment shells and other industries

● Product surface can provide: 2B \ BA \ oil milled straight wire HL \ oil milled short wire NO.4 \ mirror surface \ color titanium plating \ etching \ embossing \ fingerprint resistance

● Relying on equipment and technical support, we strive to create high-quality stainless steel surface processing and distribution with perfect service.

Car Products

● The selection of raw materials for automotive products has begun to be checked, and the base metal with purer and more stable molten steel content is selected. After rolling by a 20-high precision rolling mill, the tension and straightening heat treatment process is strictly controlled to ensure that the mechanical properties of the product components are more stable, and the secondary surface treatment more delicate

● Our company has newly developed shading-free materials, which are more suitable for high-demand decorative parts; the products are widely used in automotive electronic systems, automotive stamping parts, automotive decorative parts, etc.

Dome slices, tact switch

● The introduction of Japanese technology, through the cooperation with Japanese technical personnel to achieve a breakthrough in the mechanical properties of the product, the mechanical properties of the product are stable, fatigue resistance, high temperature and other properties have reached or exceeded imported materials

● We can provide stainless steel material steel strips, as well as stainless steel gold-plated, silver-plated and nickel-plated products to achieve one-stop supply, save you the trouble of purchasing materials and then go to electroplating, and provide you with more convenient services

● Thickness 0.02-0.15mm * Width 3-400mm

Stress relief TA stainless steel

● TA stainless steel is based on ordinary stainless steel, through special annealing and cooling treatment to release the internal stress of the material and balance the results of the crystal structure. The stainless steel treated with TA can still maintain good flatness after stamping and etching.

● It is mostly used in mobile phone mid-board, etching, laser steel mesh, textile machine reed, comb reed, structural parts and products with particularly high flatness requirements.

Continuous Electroplating Steel/Copper Strip

● Through cooperation with universities and colleges, we have overcome technical problems such as silver plating, nickel plating is easy to fall off, and the coating resistance performance is poor, and achieved ultra-thin strips (thickness 0.03-0.08mm or more) single-sided and local electroplating of nickel and silver. , gold, reaching the industry level, can completely replace imported products

● The electroplating process is strictly controlled by environmental protection standards. It has passed the European ROHS standard. SGS report can also be provided for each batch, and film thickness test report can also be attached to each batch according to customer requirements.

Ultra-thin titanium alloy belt, nickel belt

● Titanium is an important structural metal developed in the 1950s. Titanium alloys are widely used in various fields due to their high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance. Widely used in aerospace, automobile, people's livelihood, shipbuilding, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical, petrochemical, military and other fields

● Pure nickel belt (Ni200, Ni201): the nickel content is more than 99.6%. Pure nickel has excellent mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance in a variety of different environments. Features such as heat transfer, high electrical conductivity, low gas volume and low vapor pressure. Mainly used in the manufacture of nickel-cadmium, nickel-hydrogen, nickel batteries, assembled batteries and instrumentation, telecommunications, electric vacuum, special light bulbs and other industries

● Precision alloy strips are available in thickness 0.03mm-2mm and width 3-520mm

Ultra-thin titanium alloy belt, nickel belt

● Standing stock

 ①TA1, TA2: Mainly used for high-pitched sound film, electronic equipment, watch strap crafts, water treatment devices, household items, building decoration, etc., the line standard GB/T3622-2012

 ②TC4 (Ti-6Al-4V): mainly used in aerospace, shipbuilding, petrochemical, automotive, pharmaceutical and other industries, the implementation of the standard GB/T3621-2012

 ③Ti15333: Mainly used in sporting goods such as golf club heads, eyeglass frames, aerospace and other industries, the implementation of the standard ASTM B265-2010

 ④4J42: Mainly used for making and sealing with ceramics, suitable for matching sealing between electric vacuum devices and 95% Al2O3 ceramics, the implementation of standard YB/5235-2005

 ⑤4J42K: Mainly used for integrated circuit lead frame, the implementation of standard YB/T 100-1997

 ⑥4J29: Mainly used for the glass sealing of electric vacuum components such as launch tubes, oscillator tubes, ignition tubes, magnetrons, transistors, relay sealing plugs, integrated circuit lead-out chassis, shells, and bracket lights; the implementation of standard YB/ 5231-2005

 ⑦4J36: Mainly used for the production, storage and transportation of liquefied gas, measuring and control instruments with working temperature below +200℃, such as screw connector bushing bimetal and temperature control bimetal between metal and other materials of temperature regulating device Film frame, shadow mask, CRP part tempering mold for aviation industry, electronic control unit frame for satellite and missile below -200℃, auxiliary valve in electromagnetic lens of laser control device

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