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What should be paid attention to when processing stainless steel plate

source:Jiangsu Lichao New Material Technology Co., Ltd.  |  Release time:2022年07月25日
  When machining stainless steel, adding cooling lubricant can actually reduce the cutting heat and cutting force during the cutting process to a large extent. In this regard, we actually need to focus on its ignorance to a large extent in order to prolong the life of the tool and on the other hand to ensure the smoothness of the stainless steel sheet product.

  When processing stainless steel plate, you can choose to use emulsion. However, for products with high requirements on smoothness, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of special cutting oil for stainless steel. Punching can use a full-ground drill on the job, and add a satisfactory coolant. 316 or 303 tapping, that is, you should pay attention to the use of surface thread tapping. The more common is the national standard 304, and there are also 301, 202 and so on.

  So in fact, it should be noted that most of the tapping oil used for stainless steel plates is a pound, and it is a gray plastic bottle. The normal price is 33-35 per bottle. With this oil, the tapped threads will appear smoother, and none of them will have rotten teeth.

  However, when processing stainless steel plates, we actually have to pay attention that the oil is thick, the purpose is to pay attention to adding resistance, and the liquid cannot be used to extract copper and aluminum.
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